How to Commission Artwork
AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO COMMISSION A PIECE OF ARTWORK, is the "Poppy & Dragonfly" Inspired by my garden pond.
The printed image on the mug was taken from the original tile.

In order to achieve a commission I would need the ideas, colour choices and images that inspire you. I would communicate with you at regular intervals, to make sure that at every stage of construction this piece of artwork would reflect your personal vision.

I am an artist who can apply paint onto any surface, walls, canvas, wood, or china.
Please get in touch to explore possibilities without obligation.

If you would like a portrait of anyone, or perhaps your family dog or cat, then get in touch with me first for an informal chat. For example, in the event of agreeing to a picture of your dog, I would need to know the personality of your pet, plus photographs. Because my pictures usually involve an aspect of storytelling, your watercolour, tinted drawing, or pastel, could include a favourite scene, toy, blanket etc, drawn into the portrait.


EXAMPLES OF INSPIRATION. I take photographs of things that take my eye. When painting I can use these images to recall the attraction I felt when coming across these objects of beauty.

I take photographs of inspirational flowers
I take photographs of inspirational flowers

Hand Painted Poppy Wooden Bowl
Hand Painted Poppy Wooden Bowl

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 "Poppy & Damselfly" Inspired by my garden pond.

The inspiration for this 'Poppy & Damselfly' Ceramic Tile came from observing the activity around the Pond in my Garden.